Matchmaker Janis Spindel is Seeking Gay Men

Matchmaker Janis Spindel is seeking single gay men. With the passage of the Marriage Equality Act in New York, the high-end yenta has decided to launch a gay division. “Now is the time to rally,” she said. “I’ve officially gone gay.”

Gay Marriage Bill Inspires Matchmaker Janis Spindel to launch her new gay men’s division at $100,000 per client.

Ms. Spindel has already signed up eight clients. And with fees starting at $100,000, that’s a nice boost to her business.
Ms. Spindel, who’s been helping men find brides for nearly 20 years, is just 11 couples shy of fostering 1,000 marriages. She wants at least half of those 11 going forward to be same-sex. “How awesome would that be?” she crowed.
Lesbians, however, need not apply. Ms. Spindel is maintaining the same business model she follows with straights: she only accepts male clients. “I’m sticking with what I do best—working with men,” she said.

Dating Diva USA

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Shoes Upscale Gay Men Buy

Shoes Upscale Gay Men Buy
I’m a collector of fine things. Fine men, fine cars, fine time pieces, and of course fine shoes. Every gay man needs as many shoes as possible. I finally had a little downtime at the office so I snuck out and headed right to Prada.  I deemed it appropriate to buy myself a new pair of shoes. Sort of a Happy Tuesday present to myself.

Amongst a few conservative briefcases that were so not me, I saw exactly what I was looking for. Covered in leather, very structured, and of course expensive looking. I knew I came to the right place. Instead of new shoes, I found a sexy gay man. Since I was
wearing my favorite Ralph Lauren suit, I knew I looked good. I went right up to Mr. Sexy and said hello. (I read that somewhere in my gay matchmaking guide lol) He smiled back and we have plans for this weekend. Now that I scored myself a man, I still need a new pair of shoes. Guess that’s on Saturday’s agenda before my big date.

Henry from Washington DC

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The World of Janis Spindel Gay Matchmaking

Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc., the Matchmaker of all Matchmakers, has licensed her upscale Matchmaking model. It’s now finally available to all men. Whether you’re looking for a man or a woman, we are the one and only on-line matchmaking site that can help you.

Using the same standard that Janis Spindel has used in her business since 1993, we created a free online site. 

Yes that’s right, we created a free blog where you can have your unique, remarkable questions posted so other like minded people can comment on. Using this free website, you will also have the opportunity to search other peoples profiles and contact them.

Go to and click on the Register link.

Please join us for this amazing opportunity.  PS, everyone has to be approved by the Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc. Team, in order to have access to search other members .

Click on the HOME page to view questions, post comments and interact with others.

Email the King of Matchmaking your questions. Each week our board members will select the top questions and post them on the HOME page.

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